Established in July of 1987
Chairman:Kell Hwang
President:Rocky Chien

Founded in 1987, Kromax provides services covering the Semiconductor (Prime wafer, Silicon and Compound), Display, Green Energy and Biomedical industries in the Greater China area. Our business philosophy focuses on providing comprehensive services to the customer, starting from the early stages of research and marketing and also touching sales, production, distribution, installation, and warranty support. Our mission is to continually enhance the ability of our customers to compete in the international marketplace by bringing them the latest, most advanced technology.

We are more than just a simple sales agent. Since Kromax was founded, we have helped our customers attain the most advanced technology to create high quality products while still maintaining cost-effectiveness. With our expert marketing, professional sales, technology consulting and integration, and engineering support services, we provide unparalleled value for our customers. Our customers are our focus, and it is our mission to help them succeed.

To accomplish our mission, we run our business based on the principles of unwavering integrity, being honest and fair-minded, building trust with our partners, honoring our commitments, and continually seeking to innovate. We also intend to sustain a long running business, and to do so we continually recruit the best talent, optimally utilize our resources, and continually seek improvement. We also believe that in addition to succeeding in business, we have an obligation to give back to society. To do so, we give aid to various charitable organizations and we encourage our partners and employees to be upstanding citizens of this increasingly global society. This way Kromax provides value to our employees, partners, customers, and society as a whole.


We wish to create an environment in which all Kromax business partners can work together to achieve mutual success.


  • To enhance the competitiveness of our customers in the global market.
  • Kromax integrates products sales of our principals with Kromax service support to address customer requirements.
  • A long term commitment to develop cutting edge solutions and integrate these technologies with our quality service support to address our customers’ needs.


2020Established Rep. office in Tokyo, Japan

2017Kromax 30th Anniversary

2012Established Biomedical Dept.

2010Established Service Center in Kunshan

2010Established Service Center in Xian

2008Established Service Center in Shenzhen

2007Established Service Center in Penang, Malaysia

2003Established Kromax International Corp (Shanghai)

2003Established Kromax South Asia in Singapore

2000Established service center in Shanghai

1992Established operating center in Hsinchu

1987Established Kromax International Corp in Taipei