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"Super Lizer" Near-infrared Therapy Device


"Super Lizer" is the first phototherapy device that can irradiate a high power near-infrared light (0.6-1.6 μm), a deepest penetrating wavelength range, in spot. Its effects are recognized by various departments including pain clinic, and the device has attracted large attention from the medical scene. High power with maximum output of 2200 mW, large, highly legible LED display, fibers & units for various intended uses...
The device meets various needs in medical scene such as operability / therapeutic effects / safety at high level


"Super Lizer" uses only a wavelength range of deepest biological penetration (0.6-1.6 μm), the most effective and ideal for phototherapy, using an optical filter. In addition, with high power output with maximum of 2200mW, deeper biological penetration an excellent therapeutic effects are achieved.


Super Lizer compare to tranditional nerve block and laser treatment 



近紅外線,Super Lizer, 超激光近紅外線,Tokyo Iken,HA2200,疼痛治療